Rolling Thunder Washington, DC



May 24 - 27th, 2019


Note: 2019 will be the last year to participate, don't miss out!

Click Here for more details: Rolling Thunder Run

For More Information on Attending this Event, please contact Ed Balich

rolling thunder.jpg

Hotels Accommodations

  1. Residence Inn Fairfax VA. Phone 703-267-2525 or log onto Marriott Web site. On line is better. Rates are $155 /$520.80 for three nights.

  2. Hilton Garden Fairfax VA. Phone 703-385-7774 or log onto Hilton website, better. Rates $150 / $506.62.


Both hotels have refrigerators and microwaves. Residence Inn has kitchenettes w/breakfast.

Hilton is a pay for breakfast.