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Heritage Riders is a family oriented, non-political, non-profit social organization established and assembled with the purpose and mission of riding our motorcycles and having fun. We also promote responsible motorcycling and related activities for our members and their families. We proudly adhere to the standards and operating policies of our By-Laws.


About Us

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About Us

Heritage Riders Club was established in 2021 after Heritage Harley-Davidson in Concord New Hampshire was purchased and permanently closed by the new owners, in favor of consolidating their existing operations. The closing of the dealership left a sizeable hole in the local community and in New England, since Heritage enjoyed a loyal following both near and far.

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Many current members of Heritage Riders were members of Concord HOG chapter 2756, which was established in 1990. The chapter had a strong tie to the dealership, holding their monthly meetings on site and volunteering at community charity events held at Heritage H-D. Strong bonds of friendship and support were forged over the HOG chapter’s 30+ years in existence, and many wondered how to continue that amazing journey as a club.

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Enter Heritage Riders! As our mission statement says, we are a family oriented, non-political, and not for profit social organization. We just want to ride, have fun, and support our community! We have members in their twenties all the way into their nineties. New riders and experienced. Everyone who appreciates our values is encouraged to join, and though we primarily ride cruiser style bikes, all motorcycle types are welcome. Heritage Riders centers the riding around many events and destinations. We’ve gone bowling, rafting, hiking, target shooting, and yes, even enjoyed our fair share of ice cream.

Above all, we are a laidback group of real people who enjoy riding motorcycles together. If that seems like your idea of a good time, come check us out. Until then, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up! 




Why join the New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization?


As motorcyclists, we should support an organization that listens to concerns and issues affecting our freedoms and works to ensure they are addressed. NHMRO has a long history of working to protect motorcyclists’ rights in New Hampshire.

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